(PC Windows only)

download instructions

  1. Download mpy_full_setup.exe from Download Here, and get the file labelled Get Latest Version. Click on the file and it should start to download the file onto your PC. It is a large file (65MB) and may take 10 minutes or  more to download depending on your network connection.
  2. Take note of which directory it is downloaded in.

installation instructions

  1. Run the mpy_full_setup.exe file in the download directory. (by double clicking on it)
  2. Click OK on the license page and it will then ask you which components to install. If this is your first mpy installation then select all the components. (you need them all for the MpyEditor to work). Click Next and Ok for all the questions.  Please note It will install to the C:\Python27 and to the C:\MPY directories. If you already have Python version 2.7 installed and do not wish to have it reinstalled then unselect Python27 on the components page.
  3. After it is successfully installed there should be a mpy icon       on your desktop (if you accepted the default setting)


check that the mpy editor starts

  1. After installing the mpy editor software it should automatically start the mpy editor, if it does not then double click the mpy_editor icon       on the desktop (or select mpy editor from the start menu).
  2. After a short delay it should open up the mpy editor window (the first time it can take a minute or more, be patient). It should look like:


  1. The first time you start you should see the program blinky.mpy already loaded into the mpyEditor click on the tab at the top of the window to make sure the blinky.mpy file is selected.
  2. Then in the lower half of the window click on the Prog button. This will compile your program and flash it onto the Launchpad board. After a short delay you should see the green led on the Launchpad start to flash once every second. If it flashes congratulations you’re done!