mpyEditor startup

You can start the mpyEditor three different ways

Click on the mpy icon on the desktop.

Click on the mpy icon on the Toolbar at the bottom of the desktop window

Go to the Start menu and scroll down and click on the mpyEditor folder and then click on mpyEditor

The first thing that will happen is that a splash screen will be displayed, then a little later the mpyEditor window will be displayed. It should look like this.

If nothing seems to be happening,  just wait a bit. The very first time you run the mpyEditor it can take up to a minute to get started, but the next time you start it it will only take a few seconds, it depends on how fast your computer is.

The first time the mpyEditor starts up there should be two mpy programs already loaded into the editor,  blinky.mpy and adc.mpy, these are example programs to get you started.

The mpyEditor is split into two parts.  The top half of the mpyEditor is used for writing and editing your mpy programs.  The bottom part is the mpy console window, it is used for programming the mpy program into the microcontroller.  If you don’t see the bottom part then you will need to enable the mpy plug-in, instructions for this are at the bottom of the page.

At the top of the mpyEditor are two tabs, they are labelled with the names of the files, you can click on each one of these tabs to select the file that you want to edit. You can also click on the X on the tab to remove the file from the editor,  note clicking the X does not delete the file you will not loose any of your edits, it only removes the tab  from the editor, you can always open it again later if you want.)

To edit your program just select File from the top main menu and select Open New Tab, this then will create a new tab in the mpyEditor, it will be have a name untitled 1,  you should change this name to what ever you want to call your program. To save the file with a new name select File and then select Save As…, enter the name you want,  but you must end the file with extention .mpy to tell the mpyEditor that this file is a mpy program file.  You may also want to save the file into a different directory, you can do this in the Save As… window.

Now you can edit your program, make sure your file is selected by clicking on the tab at the top of the window. To edit your program just, start typing in the window. Make sure that you start each line with the correct number of spaces (none for the first line, read the getting started pages for more help)


To exit the mpyEditor click on the X on the top right of the mpyEditor window,  or you can exit  by selecting to the main File menu and select Exit. When you exit it will remember which files you were editing, so the next time you start the mpyEditor it will come up with the same files already opened for you.