comment character

Use: #
Description: All characters on the line after the comment character are ignored
Parameters: None
Returns: None
Related: comment

The # character is used to indicate that the rest of the line is a comment and it is ignored.

Use comments to explain what is going on in your program. It really helps others understand what you have done. It also reminds you how your program works which is just as important!

You can also insert a  comment character at the beginning of a line of code to disable it. This is called commenting-out the code. When you are not sure if you want the line or not, put a comment character at the start of the line so you have the line again if you change your mind.


# A comment line at the beginning of the code to explain what it does

b = 0                         # b is a variable

print 'all about # comments'

# a = 12
# b = a * a
# print 'this code will not be run because it has been commented out'